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Fulton County Medical Center

Social Services in McConnellsburg, PA

Our Social Work staff helps patients and their families deal with the emotional, financial, and social stress that accompanies illness and hospitalization. The social services available at Fulton County Medical Center take a variety of forms, which may include talking with family members and patients about services available in the community, or working to ensure that appropriate plans and services are in place at the time of discharge. What follows is a brief description of the services available from the Social Work team.

Counseling Services

The team at our medical clinic understands that physical illness takes a toll not only on the patient’s body but their mind and interpersonal relationships as well. Our counseling services are intended to address the multi-faceted nature of illness, helping the patient cope with their condition, maintain healthy relationships with family members, and reintegrate back into the larger community.

Outpatient & Inpatient Support Services

Our social services staff is available in both inpatient (at our medical health center) and outpatient (at an outside location) settings to provide you with optimal flexibility in seeking the help you need.

Contact FCMC’s Social Services Staff

The Fulton County Medical Center is dedicated to helping our patients and their families cope with the various challenges presented by illness and assisting them in achieving the best outcomes possible. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about the social services currently offered by our medical health center. The Social Work staff can be reached at (717) 485-2847.