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Fulton County Medical Center

Rehabilitative Services in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania

Our specialized physicians and staff are skillfully trained in the art of physical therapies, counseling, and other rehabilitative services here at Fulton County Medical Center. We believe that rehab services are a preventive key to avoiding re-injury, relapse, infection, or other side effects after acute treatment, so our team is committed to helping you recover correctly and as quickly as possible.

Please contact us today for an appointment in McConnellsburg or at our new Orbisonia rehabilitation office.

Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation

After a heart attack, heart failure, or angioplasty or other heart surgery, cardiac rehabilitation provides the support, education, and training for how to live a healthy lifestyle. This may include diet and exercise changes, practical methods of reducing stress, and general counseling as you adjust to your personal health situation.

Inpatient rehabilitation therapy

Fulton County Medical Center can accommodate complex rehabilitative needs with inpatient therapy programs that can transition into outpatient care as the patient recovers and becomes more independent. By offering an environment with a high level of care and supervision, we’re able to minimize the risk of infection, re-injury, and other side effects through preventive treatments.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Orthopedic, neurological, or musculoskeletal health challenges are just a few of the situations that outpatient rehabilitation services can address. We provide counseling and training in our office with practical strategies you can use at home in between visits to recover and heal correctly.

Pediatric Rehabilitation

Our pediatric rehab specialists translate the same important concepts, exercises, and lessons for adult rehab into kid-friendly and age-appropriate interactions. Fulton County Medical Center helps children of all ages adapt to physical changes or mental disabilities and navigate the recovery process with a positive attitude.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is widely used to treat chronic pain and recover from traumatic sports- or car-related injuries. Our physical therapists will design a recovery program for you based on the nature of your injury, the type of pain, and your current limitations to work toward a full range of motion and an active lifestyle.

Occupational Therapy

Physical or mental disabilities can impede your ability to do basic daily tasks, but occupational therapy can help patients build or recover fundamental skills for independence. This can include teaching and practicing tasks commonly needed to get ready in the morning, eat, shower, and do simple functions at work.

Speech Therapy

Fulton County Medical Center speech therapists can address various communication issues in patients of all ages, from language disorders to articulation and clarity.

Community Wellness

Our community wellness programs bring the entire community together around education and health care to promote positive and informed choices for everyone’s benefit.

Rehab services patient form

Please download the form here before you come to our office for your first consultation appointment. We’ll use the information about your medical history to design a personalized treatment plan.