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Fulton County Medical Center

Pediatric Rehabilitation Therapy in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania


FCMC Pediatric Rehabilitation Programs

Outpatient Clinic Based Treatment (Birth – 21 years)
Home Based Early Intervention (Birth – 3 years)
Free Screening
Support Group (Coming fall 2016)


The FCMC Pediatric Rehabilitation Team is composed of three specialties:

  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy

Speech Therapy Services


Speech-language pathologists work with children and their families to develop age and socially appropriate speech and language skills and help children with auditory processing, swallowing/feeding, fluency, and voice disorders. In addition, speech therapists provide evaluation and intervention for use of augmentative and alternative communication systems if necessary.

Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational therapists are developmental specialists who help children improve strength, coordination, and skills necessary for daily tasks such as playing, feeding, writing, and self-care. Occupational therapists use their unique expertise to help children with; social-emotional, sensory integration, physical, cognitive, communication, and adaptive behavior challenges to perform important learning and developmental activities. They also help children to correctly process information they receive through each of their senses.

Physical Therapy Services

Physical TherapyPhysical therapy focuses on a child's ability to participate in daily activities and routines in their home, school and community by addressing physical challenges. Pediatric Physical therapists address gross motor development and coordination, environmental exploration, play skills, orthopedic and neurological development, and self-help strategies. Pediatric Physical therapists perform evaluations, plan and implement developmentally appropriate activities, identify appropriate assistive devices, and create solutions for barriers that limit interaction within their environment.

Therapy Playground:


Thanks to the FCMC Foundation for heading a community fundraising campaign and to the generous donations from our community members we are able to offer a more "real life” therapy experience to our pediatric program participants through our therapy playground. Therapists use this playground as a therapeutic tool to provide the stimulation and exposure to real life situations that your child will encounter on a daily basis.


Our Pediatric Staff:


We are proud to provide the community with qualified and experienced pediatric focused therapists. Our pediatric therapists share a common passion to help children overcome obstacles, challenge them to reach their potential and educate and support family members and caregivers. Pediatric therapists at FCMC are constantly striving towards individual and departmental professional growth and utilize the most current evidence based practice techniques.

Our Pediatric Staff

Staff Bio's (link)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If my child receives therapy at school do they still need therapy?

We offer combined services to children who receive services in school to increase overall success. To help maximize a child's overall success, therapists look at the goals established by the school and capitalize on those goals under the medical model. We work as a team to help your child be as independent as possible in their environment.


You may be eligible for transportation support in the form of mileage reimbursement or public transportation to and from appointments. To determine if you are eligible, our therapists will provide you with a referral to the Pennsylvania Medical Assistance Transportation Program for Fulton County.


Most insurance companies cover some type of outpatient therapy service. Our goal is to provide you information regarding your insurance provider's therapy coverage from day one. We actively work with you and your insurance provider to maximize services for your child.


Not sure if your child would benefit from outpatient therapy? We offer a comprehensive age appropriate FREE SCREEN if you are unsure of how our services may help your child. A screening does not require referral. After a screening, the therapist will fax a copy of the information to your child's physician outlining the suggestions for an evaluation referral. If your child already has a diagnosis or is currently receiving therapy, you can request that a physician fax a script for an evaluation and outpatient treatment. To set up a screen, simply call and request an appointment today.

5. What is Early Intervention?

Early Intervention is a FREE state funded program that allows services for children birth to 3 years of age in their natural environment. We were happy to add this service in 2015 for Speech, Occupational, and Physical therapies. For information regarding an evaluation for your child, please contact Services Access Management (SAM) at 717-709-4321

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To schedule an outpatient appointment or free screen call:


Pediatric Program Specialist, Lauren Everetts , DPT



Contact us today to see how our services can support your child and their success!

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