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Fulton County Medical Center

Application Tips

Preparing Your Information:

  • Take some time to think about how to best highlight your skills and experiences.
  • Make a list of your current and previous work experiences, accomplishments and skills.
  • Select the items on your list that are pertinent for your application/resume and that pertain to the job for which you are applying.
  • Write a short, concise description of each work experience, accomplishment or skill to elaborate on your list.
  • Organize the information in your resume effectively, placing the most critical information first.

Things to Include:

  • Up-to-date contact information (name, address, phone and e-mail)
  • Educational history (schools, locations, types of degrees, etc.)
  • Work history (company, job title, dates of employment, job duties, etc.)
  • Work or school-related honors
  • Professional memberships and affiliations
  • Relevant specialized training and licensing
  • Foreign languages known fluently
  • Military experience and/or security clearances
  • A valid email address

Things to Exclude:

  • Personal information (age, physical characteristics, marital status, number or names of children, family info)
  • Health status
  • Photographs
  • Any information unrelated to the position
  • Minimize the use of abbreviations and acronyms

Our Application: 

  • Complete the application in its entirety, even if you've worked in the same position for 30 years. Blank applications may be automatically screened out due to lack of information.
  • PROOFREAD and make necessary changes before submitting your application.

    Application - download the application and fill it out and mail, email or fax to
    Fulton County Medical Center
    Human Resources
    214 Peach Orchard Road
    McConnellsburg,PA 17233
  • careers@fcmcpa.org
  • FAX: (717)485-6176