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Fulton County Medical Center

Green Hill Donors Club

Our Annual Fund, aptly named the Green Hill Donors Club, focuses on expanded health care services in our community. All gifts go immediately into the FCMC Foundation's Unrestricted Annual Fund and is used exclusively for capital equipment, renovation and expansion needs of FCMC. Over the years, hundreds of people who care about health care in our community have made gifts to help the Fulton County Medical Center enhance and expand health care services. With your help, we can continue to bring compassionate, convenient and cutting-edge care to you and your family for years to come.

If you have already made your contribution to the Annual Fund, we thank you. If you have not, it's not too late to show your support for expanded health care services in our community!

Join the Green Hill Donors Club

When Dr. Edgar H. MacKinlay's vision of having a "small hospital big enough to handle emergencies and maternities" fell on deaf ears there was one group who was willing to listen: the Green Hill Civic Club. On October 7, 1946, he met with this group and his vision took root. Ten months later, the first fundraiser - a Cake Festival - took place and the first gift was presented: $329.22.

Our new Annual Fund honors this organization with the formation of the Green Hill Donors Club. Members of the Green Hill Donors Club are those special friends who contribute $50 or more annually to the Fulton County Medical Center Foundation's Annual Fund. Your gift is recognized through our quarterly newsletter, in the Annual Report, on our website and with a special commemorative Green Hill Donors Club magnet.

To learn more about the Annual Fund, or to donate by mail, download the Annual Fund Brochure

Annual Giving Committee

Annual Fund Committee Members:
Mike Crampton (Chair), Helen Overly, Tom Duffey, Tina Gress, David Washabaugh, Carolyn Hollenshead and Ed Leisinger.


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iCare Employee Giving Program

Mrs. Leann C. Amsley, Ron and Ruth Angle, G. G. Bard, Ms. Cheryl L. Barnard, Mrs. Shannon N. Bickel, Ms. Anita K. Bishop, Chris and Meghin Boryan, Mr. and Mrs. Kevin E. Brady, Sharleen J. Brady, Amy S. Burton, Ms. Bonnie Buterbaugh, Mrs. Jennifer Buterbaugh, Mr. Rodney A. Buterbaugh, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. William D. Buterbaugh, Mr. Christopher J. Carr, Drs. Gerald and Jacqueline Celestine, Mike and JoAnn Chilcote, Mr. and Mrs. W. Shawn Chilcote, Ms. Barbara Clippinger, Ms. Mandy Cook, Ms. Courtney R. Cox, Mark and Stephanie Crouse, Ms. Tiffany M. Crouse, Frank D'Amelio, M.D., Mr. Roger L. DeHart, Mr. Andrew Diehl, Dr. and Mrs. Michael T. Donahoe, Ms. Jennifer M. Douglas, Sandra Earle, Dr. Vicki E. Ellis, Ms. Lauren H. Everetts, Mr. and Mrs. Norman M. Everts, Jesse and Wendy Farling, Ms. Cynthia S. Feldman, Andy J. Fleck, Rev. David and Valerie Ford, Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus S. Fornal, Tricia and Tyler Gelvin, Jason and Heather Goshorn, Mr. and Mrs. Jon H. Greenawalt, Darlene K. Gress*, Joe and Jodie Hahn, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hale, Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Hall, Michele and Byron Hann, Amy Harper, Ms. Vickie S. Harris, Ms. Tara Hatfield, Ms. Nora Heister, Misty Hershey, Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Hoffman, Mr. Cory E. Houck, Ms. Pamela A. Howsare-Benton, Mr. Daniel Iseminger, Patrick and Diane Kelso, Ms. Michelle Kerlin, Mr. James Kimmel, Mrs. Julie F. Knepper, Ms. Shelby R. Knepper, Ms. Linda D. Lafferty, Mr. and Mrs. Brandon S. Lambert, Mr. and Mrs. Timothy K. Leedy, Ms. Kara A. Leonard, Ms. Heather L. Lynch, Sandra and Curt Lynch, Mike and Emily Makosky, Dr. Jeffrey and Melinda Mandak, Mr. Toby M. McCarty, Chelsie McCulloch, Ms. Melissa D. McFadden, Kathryn and Scott Mearkle, Miss Carly M. Mellott, Ms. Pamela S. Mellott, Ms. Katrina M. Mickey, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry A. Morral, Joe and Melanie Myers, Jody and Chris Newman, Ms. Rebecca S. Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Peck, Mr. Dustin M. Pine, Ms. Chelsea Pittman-Sigel, Denny and Leanne Pollock, James and Charlene Post, Michael and Drema Purnell, Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Randler, Ms. Peggy J. Ray, Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Rickabaugh, Cheryl Rose, Mrs. Brenda S. Ross, Mr. and Mrs. Barry E. Rouzer, Ms. Tina A. Runkle, Ms. Lisa A. Saucier, Ms. Hope L. Saylor, Mrs. Jaime L. Schwartz, Alan and Darlene Senft, Mr. and Mrs. Kris L. Sheffield, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Shoop, Robert and Deborah Shughart, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. Adam Sipes, Gerald and Rita Sipes, Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Slee, Mrs. Joan M. Slick, Ms. Michelle L. Smith, Ms. Christine Snyder, Berley and Cathy Souders, Ms. Holly J. Souders, Mr. and Mrs. Keith and Dawn Stains, Dr. Douglas D. Stern, Mr. Cornelius I. Strait, Michael and Robin Straley, Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Swope, Ms. Erika D. Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Taylor, Ms. Wanda J. Taylor, Clair and Nancy Traxler, Ms. Christine H. Ward, Jamie L. Weller, Ms. Rebecca A. Weller, Ms. Stephanie A. Weller, Mrs. Mackenzie Wentz, Michael and Stephanie White, Ms. Amy J. Whitsel, Ms. Traci A. Witters-Morrow, Ms. Tina R. Younker and Mr. George Zerbe