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One of the keys to maintaining good health is to remain active. It’s also essential for healthy aging. Regular exercises offer many benefits, including:

Lower risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease
Improved mental well-being
Better quality of life
Increased mobility and independence
Easier weight control
Better Sleep
Pain relief
Improved self-esteem

The FCMC Community Health & Wellness Center provides the ideal setting to help individuals meet their fitness goals with a variety of programs. Each type offers a different approach so that everyone can find the right workout for their needs.


Yoga celebrates the mind-body connection with a variety of practices that connect the breath with poses to improve strength and flexibility. It is accessible to all individuals regardless of their current flexibility. There are a variety of practices that range from gentle to aerobic.

It can also improve balance and bone health to ensure a good quality of life during aging. Yoga is a living workout, in that it offers new challenges as the individual’s fitness improves.


Pilates offers similar health benefits as yoga, with an emphasis on strengthening the "powerhouse" muscles of the lower back, hips, and abdomen. Its goal is to improve balance and coordination using a series of controlled, non-jarring movements.

Pilates is an excellent option for building core strength for improved back health and improving posture. It can also help reduce the chance of injury with better balance. It focuses on correct form rather the number of repetitions.


Zumba classesbring energetic and musical elements to a workout program with lively Latin dance rhythms. Its goal is to improve aerobic fitness and strength with a series of active dance moves and exercises.

As an aerobic workout, it’s a great way to burn lots of calories in a short period of time while in a fun setting. The sense of community it provides can increase motivation for sticking with an exercise plan for the long term.

Tai Chi

Like yoga and Pilates, tai chi is a slow, relaxing form of exercise that focuses on reaching a state of mental calm while building strength and coordination through a series of structured poses. It is a non-competitive workout with a variety of different styles.

As a form of Chinese martial art, tai chi offers additional mental health benefits for relieving stress and anxiety as a type of moving meditation. It may even decrease the risk of falls in older individuals.

FCMC Community Health & Wellness Center offers a variety of classes taught by our team of experienced instructors as part of our mission "To continuously improve the health of our community."

They will work with individuals one-on-one to build a practice that works for them no matter what their current ability. We believe that exercise should be enjoyable and  accessible  for everyone.

Reclaim fitness and improved well being. Call FCMC today at(717) 485-7313to take that first important step on the road to wellness and good health.

Kickboxing Cardio

Kickboxing Cardio blends high intensity interval training with basic kickboxing moves for a fast, fun, full body workout.


Bursts of intensity lead to a greater, longer lasting caloric expenditure throughout the day, as well as increasing strength and boosting stamina.

Core Strength

 Core Strength incorporates an ever changing, fresh variety of exercises that focus on strengthening the body's core muscle groups.


Core exercises increase stability, help tone muscles, and lead to less fatigue when performing other exercises.