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Fulton County Medical Center

Center For Advanced Medicine

The CAM expansion project is on time and on budget.  Please excuse our construction and new traffic patterns as we grow to better serve you. We plan to move into the first phase October 2017.

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Aerial View 5/2/2017
Aerial View 1/20/2017
Aerial View 12/16
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Update #21: Week of June 19, 2017


· Ceiling grid complete on first floor

·Begin to lay flooring next week on first floor

·Dry wall finished on second floor

·Front vestibule work

·Retaining wall at helipad

·Water line completed

·Extending sewer to new addition

·Elevatorstart 5th of July

·Starting black top at end of July

·Outside concrete in next two weeks



Looking Ahead

·Phase 1 complete in October/November 2017 (CAM)